Commune for Environment

Two LA-based companies create a sustainable range of semi-modular furniture

Commune-Environment-1.jpg Commune-Environment-2.jpg

While many designers during NYC Design Week staked their savings on exploring the limits of material and form, Los Angeles-based design studio Commune stuck to their guns for their debut collection in collaboration with Environment. By relying on simple, paired down designs and tirelessly attractive materials, Commune—best known for designing interiors for The Standard and the Ace Hotel Swim Club—the American-made line is adaptable and unassuming. Led by a modular series of interlocking crate-like boxes made of walnut, oak and brass dubbed “The Cleat Series,” the collection is rounded out by an angular side chair, upholstered day-bed, mirror laden coffee table and a massive, solid walnut dining table.


Easily the most impressive of the bunch; the dining table features seamless brass shade on the two legs’ interior. The crescent shaped, polished brass inlay plays nicely against the angular walnut exterior, achieving two separate aesthetics depending on your viewing position. Sharing similar materials—swap brass for copper—the stackable cubes of The Cleat Series can be used separately as individual side tables or stacked to form an elegant shelving unit.

Commune-Environment-4.jpg Commune-Environment-5.jpg

As the name suggests, the Commune for Environment collection only uses sustainably sourced materials and construction processes. And, on top of being environmentally friendly, by keeping production in LA, Commune designers only had to stroll across town to check on samples during the collection ideation stages—a decision that proved immensely important as the entire project was kicked off in September 2012, leaving the two companies only eight months from idea to debut. For more information on the collection contact Environment directly.

Images courtesy of Commune