Driving the Rubicon Trail with BFGoodrich

Learning what makes the famous trail both challenging and beautiful

  By design, rock-crawling isn’t an activity for the meek. It’s dangerous, it’s unpredictable, and it’ll test every ounce of your skill behind the wheel. Of course, that’s exactly why people the world over love it the way they do. Even the most modest trails require tact and skill to traverse, and all that is said and done before anyone spends a cent on a …

Living Moss in Goodyear’s Sustainable Tire Concept

A tire concept unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, Oxygene from Goodyear, proposes a ring of moss growing inside its sidewalls. Further, the entire tire will be 3D-printed from recycled tires. The goal here is to improve air quality for vehicles on the move, as the moss absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Learn more, and watch a video, over at PSFK.

NASA’s Chainmail Tires for the Moon and Mars

NASA would go ahead and reinvent the wheel—and they have. In fact, it has been a necessary process, what with the Mars Rover launch planned in 2020. In an attempt to maximize both traction and durability, NASA engineer Colin Creager and materials scientist Santo Padula switched materials from the usual steel to a stoichiometric nickel-titanium alloy. Composing the tire from interlocking coils of this alloy …

CHV: Kawasaki Building The Wheel

Wheels big and small made in house, thousands at a time

In our fourth and final piece from our visit with Kawasaki in Lincoln, NE we went to a smaller corner of their enormous plant. While probably the least glamorous of their products, their wheels may be the most practical and abundant. The company brings in raw steel and spits out a finished wheel—the entire process takes place thousands of times a day, and no matter …