Maiden Home

Made-in-USA furniture in an unusually pain-free online shopping experience

Newcomer furniture brand Maiden Home sticks out from the well-known names we’ve grown up with, tackling a pretty difficult industry to enter. The e-commerce company offers made-to-order, customizable furniture built in the US at a price point you wouldn’t typically see. The company’s aim is to offer affordable furniture, with much less stress—not an easy task when it’s an online experience. Founder Nidhi Kapur felt …

Lee Backpack

Made form buttery leather this cinch backpack is more than one bag—it’s reversible. Depending on your look for the day, it can be worn on either the black or mauve side. Better yet, it’s part of State’s #GiveBackPack program, which means for every bag sold, the ream at State hand-delivers another backpack full of pencils, notebooks, socks—you name it—to an American child in need.

Oliver Cabell Luxury Bags

A minimalist weekender and backpack made with great transparency (and craftsmanship)

Nowadays, the standard price tags and labeling on designer bags seem to indicate less and less about how well—or even where—it’s made. Thus, newly launched Oliver Cabell regards utmost transparency as a distinguishing factor, joining like-minded direct-to-consumer disruptors like Everlane and Proper Assembly. Oliver Cabell’s noticeably small markup is exactly 2.2 times the cost. The artisan factory, as well as the cotton mill and leather …