Snowe Homewares

Just the essentials, from wine glasses to towels, at their highest quality

Shopping for home essentials isn’t the most thrilling—especially when you have to drudge through dozens of different stores and their never-ending selections. Making it easy to furnish a new apartment in one click (no required day trip to a warehouse miles away) is the just-launched direct-to-consumer luxury homewares line Snowe. Working with family-owned manufacturers in Italy and Portugal to develop their designs using the highest quality materials, Snowe offers just the essentials for the dining room to the bathroom. (Think one red wine glass instead of 10 different options.) It’s a call to upgrade, for those still clinging to their “heirloom” (aka cracked) cereal bowls and ratty towels from college years.

Co-CEOs Rachel Cohen and Andres Modak, who met at The Wharton School while completing their MBAs, founded Snowe after not being satisfied by the available options out there. “After graduating, we moved back to NYC and started to set up our apartment together,” Modak tells CH. “We went to all of the mass-produced stores, and we were not impressed with the quality and design, but it was what we could afford. We went to the higher-end boutiques as well and loved the design, but we couldn’t afford what we wanted. Immediately, we realized there was a massive gap in the industry and felt there had to be a better way to find quality products that consumers our age could afford.”

Find Limoges porcelain bowls for $14, crystal glass weighted bottom tumblers for $15, plus 500 thread count Italian milled percale sheets for $265 and more online at Snowe—with free shipping and returns to sweeten the deal.

Images courtesy of Snowe