The Hoxton Amsterdam Hotel

A new stylish reprieve overlooking the vibrant, centrally located Herengracht waterway

To put it simply, The Hoxton Amsterdam Hotel delivers the best of two distinct worlds. While the influence of The Hoxton brand is present in the chic decor and hip clientele, there’s something undeniably authentic and Dutch about the hotel itself—from the facade to the interior design. More than a conveniently located respite overlooking an active waterway, the hotel’s inviting cocktail bar, restaurant and five different room categories make it an altogether dynamic destination. In 2006, the brand’s Shoreditch debut put them on the map. We were present for their 2014 Holborn opening and equally impressed. Now, The Hoxton makes its foray outside of London—and it works.

Upon entering, the vast lobby greets guests with a medley of furniture and seating options. It’s all well-lit and makes for a great cafe-meets-workspace by day. The bar and restaurant, Lotti’s, is overseen by Soho House Group, and the fare therein manages to be both dressed up and hearty: a fancy burger, various steaks and a bacon mac-n-cheese. It’s the starters that impress the most, however, including a sea bass crudo and fresh burrata. Breakfast can be served downstairs, if guests prefer, but each room comes complete with a complimentary breakfast right to your door. Just hand the big paper bag found in the room on the rack outside your door, and magically, breakfast gets deposited in by the time you wake up in the morning.

With 111 rooms, the hotel just misses out on the official title of boutique and yet the environment feels friendly, intimate and nuanced. The building itself was once five independent canal houses dating back centuries. Now it plays host to a library, a handful of event spaces and the guest rooms. Sizes vary from the two twin-bed “Shoebox” option to the far larger “Roomy” option, complete with a king-sized bed. A “Roomy” (and “Cosy”) rental also has a canal view option for a little more money per night. The Hoxton became well-known for its minimally adorned, small rooms—accompanied by smaller rates. For those looking for a hotel with lots of options and rooms primarily for sleeping, this hotel is ideal.

The building’s splendor and contemporary-met-with-modern decor convey a welcome beauty. A friendly staff and a fleet of free bicycles further warm the space. That said, Central Station is a little over a 15-minute walk away and most of the globally renowned attractions (including the Van Gough Museum and Rijksmuseum) are even closer.

The Hoxton Hotel is located at Herengracht 255, 1016 BJ. Rooms can be booked

online, with prices starting at €209.

Bedroom images courtesy of The Hoxton Amsterdam, all other Images by David Graver