The Nicholas: Call Me Back

Relaxed but purposeful, “Call Me Back” by The Nicholas (aka Amsterdam/LA-based Rutger van Woudenberg) is dreamy but tactile. “Your heart’s like a star / I saw you from afar / Maybe it’s time for you / to call me back,” he rings out on the track, which is from Woudenberg’s Lighthead EP. It’s altogether sonically pleasing and reminiscent of bygone eras, though influenced by psych-stars …

Feng Suave: Venus Flytrap

From Amsterdam-based Feng Suave, “Venus Flytrap” is a beautifully slow-moving track. With psychedelic and indie influences, the intricacies of the song are the high points; be it subtle chirping of birds or lyrics detailing a love story told through the eyes of a bug trapped in the mouth of a Venus Flytrap. The result is a dreamy, sun-drenched tune.

Amsterdam Dockyard Crane Turned Luxury Hotel Suite

Towering beside Amsterdam port, “The Yays – Crane Apartment” is a luxury accommodation unlike any other. It’s a suite housed inside of a decommissioned dockyard crane, refurbished by Edward van Vliet. It’s managed by Yays Concierged Boutique Apartments, and beyond the uncommon structure, the defining attribute might just be its large windows overlooking the water. See more photos over at Design Boom.