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NYC's autonomous vehicles, Pittsburgh's beer festival, a device that reads your thoughts and more

Reflecting on Toni Morrison’s Life, From Her Point of View The first African-American woman to win the Nobel Prize, a Pulitzer prize winner for penning Beloved and a mentor to millions, among many other things, Toni Morrison lived unapologetically but with unmatched empathy, intelligence and insightfulness. She famously told Terry Gross (of NPR’s Fresh Air) that she “regret[s] everything” about her life. She explained in …

Recreating a Perfume Worn in Ancient Egypt

Amidst an excavation of the ancient Egyptian city Thmuis, researchers uncovered the ruins of a fragrance factory dating back to 300 BC. The site contained tiny glass perfume jars, imported clay amphoras and an ancient sludge. The latter was brought to ancient Egyptian perfume experts who then replicated residue based on recipes—featuring myrrh, cardamom, green olive oil, and cinnamon—found in materia medica texts. (An act …

King Tut’s Tomb Restored

From cleaning dust and mold to establishing protections against tourist trampling, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and the Getty Conservation Institute have completed a 10-year restoration of King Tut’s tomb. Attracting as many as 4,000 visitors per day (even while the restoration was underway), the tomb is one of Egypt’s most popular and significant monuments. Read more about the efforts at