The First-Ever Contemporary Art Show at the Pyramids of Egypt

Open now through 7 November, Forever is Now is the first contemporary art show on display at the pyramids of Egypt. Three years in the making (due to negotiations with UNESCO, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism and various embassies), the exhibition, curated by Simon Watson and organized by Art D’Égypte, showcases 10 site-specific installations that enhance the viewing experience of the ancient pyramids. For instance, Gisela Colón’s “Eternity Now”—a sculptural mound resembling a rising sun—took over 150 people to make and sits at the foot of the Sphinx. The piece, the artist says, is “about unifying the human race and how we are all globalized now.” Combining antiquity and modern art at the pyramids was an immense undertaking, but the project shows once more how “Ancient Egypt and this civilization influenced the whole world,” Art D’Égypte’s founder Nadine Abdel Ghaffar says. The exhibit (which includes work by Shuster + Moseley, JR, João Trevisan and others) casts some of these influential contributions in a different, contemporary light. View more of the art and learn about the work that went into installing it at Artnet News.

Image of Gisela Colón’s “Eternity Now” (2021) by MO4NETWORK, courtesy of the artist/Forever Is Now