Portrait of a Goddess Found in a 3,000-Year-Old Coffin

Inside 3,000-year-old mummy Ta-Kr-Hb’s coffin (which hadn’t been moved or surveyed in a century) archaeologists from Scotland’s Perth Museum and Art Gallery uncovered a stunning series of paintings she was buried with. These two new paintings are located on the lower part of the coffin’s interior and exterior, a place that conservators and archaeologists never investigated before. “We had never had a reason to lift the whole thing so high that we could see the underneath of the trough and had never lifted the mummy out before and didn’t expect to see anything there,” Mark Hall, the collections officer at the Perth Museum and Art Gallery, tells Smithsonian Magazine. The best-preserved image is “that of Egyptian goddess Amentet or Imentet, also known as ‘She of the West,’ who is seen wearing a red dress. The figure has ribbons draped around her arms and is depicted in profile, with her head facing to the right.” Read more at Smithsonian Magazine.