Word of Mouth Baltimore: Food and Drink

Duck confit and fig-onion jam pizzas, pop-up oyster bars and more in our look at Monument City's new eats

by Emily Bihl For a city whose cultural points of recognition are commonly “The Wire” or John Waters, Baltimore is a constantly evolving town that has a lot to offer visitors and locals of all types, as we learned in our video guide to the city a few years ago. During a recent trip there, we stopped in to check out some of the newer …

Kinderhook Snacks

Homemade snacks from Baltimore, stamped with former US President Martin Van Buren's face

After all of the Super Bowl festivities that took place yesterday, many Americans might never want to hear the word “snack” again. This morning, however, we found ourselves munching on triple ginger cookies, spicy and smoky mixed nuts and baked cheese stamps. The goods are from Baltimore-based Kinderhook Snacks, run by Katie Horn and Marie Stratton, who started selling their baked sweet and savory fares …

Cool Hunting Video Presents: Cool Hunting’s Baltimore

To explore Baltimore, we take directions from the some indigenous musicians, artists and historians

by DJ Blaqstarr, visiting the Station North Arts District and with a few other stops along the way, it’s a portrait of a city painted by its people.