Test Drive: Audi RS Q8

Channeling the '80s Quattro in a car made for the next decade

The arid and alien terrain on the island of Tenerife makes a perfect backdrop for the similarly unique Audi RS Q8 during our test drive. The largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, its volcanic genesis is ever-apparent given the snow-capped peak of Mount Teide is visible throughout much of its eponymous national park. Driving the exceptionally twisty roads, the metaphor of an erupting volcano isn’t lost …

Beoplay E8 Earphones

Delivering the signature, high-quality Bang & Olufsen sound, the Beoplay E8 earphones are made from the finest materials. With four hours of playtime on one charge, the E8s feature intuitive touch-control which means you never have to take your smartphone out. These earphones come with a super-efficient leather charging case which has been designed to power them up while on the move.

Interview: Concept + Design Manager for B&O Play, Jakob Kristoffersen

One of Bang & Olufsen's visionaries on what makes the brand revolutionary

Just after the release of B&O Play‘s entry-level speaker, the M3, we spoke with Jakob Kristoffersen, the brand’s Concept and Design Manager. The speaker was an expansion into new territory for the brand, but it embodied all that we love about Bang & Olufsen visually and technologically. Now, with the Danish brand’s CES announcement that AirPlay 2 has been integrated into 10 products (M3 included), …