Dry Gin

For those who enjoy a dry gin with a citrus tinge, this iteration from LA-based AMASS promises notes of various fruit peels, lemongrass, pepper and more. Crafted using 29 botanicals (11 of which are grown in California), with no artificial additives, it’s complex but easy-drinking, and works in most cocktails—especially a classic martini.

Setting Copper & Kings American Brandy Cocktails to Music

The brand makes its NYC product debut with a soundtrack at Pouring Ribbons

While on a car ride through New Orleans during the US’ largest spirits trade show, Tales of the Cocktail last July, our driver informed us that while we were in town there was one product worth trying. It was Copper & Kings‘s American Brandy, and she had tried it at a tasting on her day off less than 24 hours prior. Because of her fervent …

Drink Factory’s Silent Neon Flowers Magazine

A fascinating conceptual approach to cocktail culture by the London-based collective

The art of making good cocktails continues to fascinate us, as ever-more advanced cocktail bars open up globally and sipping concoctions becomes an oftentimes performance-heavy experience. London is home to the Drink Factory (founded by Tony Conigliaro of 69 Colebrooke Row), a collective of bartenders who aim to expand their creativity and knowledge of cocktails. The collective—which is 10 years old this year—has just released …