Drink Factory’s Silent Neon Flowers Magazine

A fascinating conceptual approach to cocktail culture by the London-based collective


The art of making good cocktails continues to fascinate us, as ever-more advanced cocktail bars open up globally and sipping concoctions becomes an oftentimes performance-heavy experience. London is home to the Drink Factory (founded by Tony Conigliaro of 69 Colebrooke Row), a collective of bartenders who aim to expand their creativity and knowledge of cocktails. The collective—which is 10 years old this year—has just released their second publication, “Silent Neon Flowers.”


The conceptual publication features photographs by Addie Chinn, Ollie Harrop and Ruth Vatcher. It takes an unusual approach to cocktails, asking questions like, “Can taste be silent?” The magazine envisions a future in which humanity has disappeared and plants reclaim the city streets, and uses that idea as the starting point for a number of unusual and delicious-sounding cocktails. The “Edelweiss Twinkle” is a jelly made from one vodka and one champagne layer, flavored with Edelweiss cordial, while another creation features Lotus Flower Granita made from scratch.


Like the cocktails served at 69 Colebrooke and Conigliaro’s other bars, the drinks in “Silent Neon Flowers” are innovative and advanced. These aren’t recipes that you just throw together for a quick drink; rather, it’s an inspirational look at what cocktails can be like when you think beyond the usual Old Fashioned or Whiskey Sour.

“Silent Neon Flowers” is available online now.

Images courtesy of Drink Factory