Outline Baskets

NYC-based industrial designer Henry Julier’s Outline Baskets maximize their minimal design. Available in black, yellow or as a set of green and red, these wire baskets provide a useful way to store produce. Price reflects the bright, colorful duo.

Recycled PVC Basket

From South African brand Mo’s Crib, this basket looks like wicker, but it’s more durable, as it’s woven from recycled PVC. Whether used indoors or outdoors, as a container (for towels, toys or beyond) or as a planter, it’s a weather-resistant product that’s as tough as a plastic tub but much prettier. Available in five colorways and measuring 22 by 15 by 16 inches, it’s …

Marangi Sisal Basket

Handmade in Kenya, Hedaya’s two-color marangi sisal baskets measure eight by six inches. They’re made by a small group of Kenyan women who have practiced basket weaving since their youth—learning a craft that’s been passed down for generations. These unique, natural, woven basins can function as planters, storage containers, catchalls and more. They come in six different vibrant colorways.