PetNic Basket by Miriam Mirri for Alessi

A vibrantly colored organizer for outings with pets and more


Rounding out celebrated designer Miriam Mirri‘s ever popular range of accessories for dogs and cats (with uses extending beyond the world of pet owners), Italian brand Alessi now offers the PetNic Basket. This carryall is charming and handy, with defined but thoughtful little details making it more than the average picnic basket. It’s sizable, so owners can stow away anything pet-related and more. Two swinging detachable lids can be used as bowls for water or food. An internal divider, which can also be removed, allows for greater organization. And finally, the large handle locks in place when raised up, for a sturdy grip. Additional design details reflect Mirri’s keen eye. An undulating texture, across all three colorways, lends itself to a woven wicker look despite the easy-to-clean polypropylene composition. While it encourages pet owners to pack up, grab hold and take their animals outdoors, it’s pretty enough to keep indoors and on display.

The PetNic Basket is available in grey, green or pomegranate online for $90.

Images courtesy of Alessi