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Redoux NYC

Spirulina Botanical Bar


The Spirulina Botanical Bar is a thoughtfully fragrant and nourishing product from scent and skincare line Redoux NYC. Weaving lavender, ylang ylang, palmarosa and eucalyptus essential oils, the aroma evokes bathhouses and …

Armachillo Cooling Soap


Regardless of summer heat or post-work out body temperatures year ’round, everyone needs to clean themselves with regularity. If a cold shower doesn’t sound alluring, Duluth Trading Co’s Armachillo Cooling Soap balances …

Coconut Bath Milk


With plenty of antioxidants, this coconut bath milk leaves skin feeling smooth and nourished—especially in the cold, dry winter months. Coconut powder moisturizes and softens skin, but also boasts anti-inflammatory properties. Further, …