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Natural, Multipurpose Body Products from Meant

Organic ingredients unite for a line of all-gender cleansers and creams produced in the USA

No average shower or bathtub—especially for city-dwellers—can host the vast number of body and hair products we’re being told to use on a daily basis. Cleansers, scrubs, peels, shampoos, conditioners and creams are expanding and changing, some in the direction of chemical advancements for targeted results and others returning to organic, natural components. Truly excelling at the latter, Meant introduced a range of five products handcrafted and produced in the USA. Each offers a clean, fresh and natural scent—with its value drawn from organic ingredients. Meant has reduced the number of elements to the bare minimum, and still the products feel effective and refreshing on skin and hair. The line is minimal for a reason: all of their products are multipurpose. The Do-All Conditioner is great for hair and doubles as a shaving cream. The Absolute Balm moisturizes the skin and can be used for hair styling. The Do-All Wash can be used on hands, hair and body. Everything serves at least a dual purpose. Altogether, reduction is a key factor here: in materials, waste, and product duplication. Wrap this all up in gender neutrality and a dynamic hair and body routine is born.

Explore the Meant product range online, where items can be purchased individually or as an entire $175 set.

Images courtesy of Meant


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