Word of Mouth: Tel Aviv Drinking and Dining

Markets, cocktails, coffee shops, fancy restaurants and more in a city that's influenced by cuisines from all over the world

From the historic alleyways of Jaffa leading north all the way up toward Herzliya, Tel Aviv pulses with energy. The sights and aromas in the shuks and cafes reveal influences of cuisines from throughout the region and around the world. (In this global melting pot, even the most popular breakfast dish in the country, shakshuka, has its roots in Tunisia.) Thanks to gifted chefs, bakers, …

Mocha Dolce Nitro Stout

Beloved California-based brewing company Firestone Walker has augmented their classic nitro stout with cacao nibs, Madagascar vanilla beans and whole-roasted coffee beans for this rich and creamy limited edition release. The chocolate-forward, dessert-like seasonal beer measures in at 6% ABV. Price represents one six pack (of 12-ounce cans) and will vary based on location of purchase.

The Anchor Brewing Story

The compelling tale of one of America’s oldest craft breweries, author David Burkhart’s The Anchor Brewing Story delves into the history of San Francisco’s beloved Anchor Brewing Co from the Gold Rush to Prohibition until today. More than 300 archival images accompany the thoughtful text, which even incorporates the original home recipes for the brewer’s Anchor Steam, Anchor California Lager, Anchor Porter and Liberty Ale. Beer drinkers, …