Beast Made Bolster Dog Bed

Pairing a 100% cotton shell with a 100% polyester fill interior, Best Made Co’s Beast Made Bolster Bed comes adorned with the brand’s signature red stripe across its central cushion. Padded sides form its comfortable walls, which can withstand repetitive nightly use and all that comes with it—scratching, shedding, and even the occasional mess. The filler is removable and the cover is machine washable, too.

Nor’easter Sweater

Crafted using materials from New York (and manufactured there too) Best Made Company’s Nor’easter Sweater is made from burly, dye-free wool. This one in particular, in a unique shade, is made from a yarn that combines brown Corriedale and dark brown Romney sheep’s wool. By partnering with Battenkill Fibers and New York Textile Lab, Best Made ensures that the product is delicately crafted and cared for in …

2019 Calendars and Planners

Whether artful and hanging or functional and anchored, 11 tools for scheduling support

Scheduling and planning aren’t necessarily two of the most appealing exercises, but there’s no better feeling than being on top of the game. While many of us use digital calendars, there’s something to be said for a real-life planner—be it mounted on a wall, placed on your desk or carried with you. Whether tearing away pages each month or ticking off your completed tasks, the …