Cast Iron Cookware Restored by Best Made Co.

Sought-after, durable and quality century-old goods are given a new life

best-made-co-cast-iron-A.jpg best-made-co-cast-iron-B.jpg

A longtime staple in kitchens and mess-kits across the US and worldwide, cast iron cookware is lauded for its durability, simplicity and downright great cooking experience. Around 100 years ago, production of cast iron cookware in the US was in something of a golden age. Today, only one producer remains in the US, and vintage cast irons have become something of a collector’s item; largely considered to be lighter and have smoother cooking surfaces than their present-day counterparts. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the purveyors of timeless wares at NYC’s Best Made Co. went hunting for some of the most sought-after pieces and restored them to near-new condition. Searching high and low across the East Coast, the team has carefully selected pieces with plenty of life left in them—all made by reputable producers. And with the most simple care (ie: skip the soap when cleaning), these pieces will only get better with use and should last another 100 years.

Best Made Co.’s restored cast iron collection is available today, 30 July, ranging in price from $64 to $200, with products limited to 100 pieces.

Images courtesy of Best Made Co.