Travel Bidet

Both collapsible and equipped with a carabiner, Tushy’s portable bidet provides paper-free cleaning on the go. Simply unfurl the body, use a clean water source to fill the bidet, open the nozzle, aim and squeeze. Not only is this a drastically cheaper iteration than most, it can go with you on the road or into the great outdoors.

The TOTO Washlet Improves Households One Bathroom at a Time

Installing and testing the S350e Washlet bidet seat

Sponsored by TOTO

Though many people refrain from talking about it, going to the bathroom is an important part of our day. Sometimes it’s where and how we’d like, and sometimes it isn’t. While we can’t be in control of our ideal environment in all situations we often can be when at home, and that’s where the mad geniuses at the Japanese bathroom brand TOTO come in. Our …

Japan Standardizes Bidet Function Imagery

Even if you’ve used a bidet elsewhere—be that a different nation or just a different bathroom—one generally has to interpret the icons that accompany various features. Oftentimes, they’re rather obtuse, leading to unexpected results. Thankfully the Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association (aka toilet- and bidet-makers) have agreed to standardize all of the pictograms. The association settled upon eight, with each corresponding to a feature, and …