787 Washlets

Bidet-style, warm-water toilets take to the skies on ANA and JAL


Dimming windows, exotic lightweight materials, improved fuel economy, mood-setting dynamic LED lights, massive overhead storage—there is no shortage of impressive amenities aboard Boeing’s long-awaited 787. Perhaps our favorite innovation to round out the offerings on the new plane (it made its debut on the 777-300ER) comes courtesy of Japanese carriers All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines: bidet-style washlets. The toilets in these business class washrooms shoot streams of warm, aerated water to keep flying derrières happy from Tokyo to London.


While washlets are frequently seen on Japanese toilets and are increasingly popular in homes and high-end hotels around the world, the 787 is one of the first commercial planes capable of implementing them. Four functions (back, soft, bidet and stop) are accessible on a knee-side panel for the washlets, which were collaboratively designed between Toto, Boeing and Jamco. Due to water restrictions, the cleaning operation can only be run twice for each use—hopefully adequate to satisfy airborne bottoms. Once finished, the lid closes automatically; both airlines also offer motion-controlled faucets. ANA’s restroom features a window, while JAL decks out theirs with a full-length mirror.

Take a closer look at JAL’s 787 in panoramic HD virtual tour.