The TOTO Washlet Improves Households One Bathroom at a Time

Installing and testing the S350e Washlet bidet seat

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Though many people refrain from talking about it, going to the bathroom is an important part of our day. Sometimes it’s where and how we’d like, and sometimes it isn’t. While we can’t be in control of our ideal environment in all situations we often can be when at home, and that’s where the mad geniuses at the Japanese bathroom brand TOTO come in. Our founders discovered the beauty and brilliance of the TOTO Washlet in Japan many years ago and became customers promptly after returning home, so when TOTO got in touch and asked if we were familiar with the Washlet it was an easy email to respond to.

TOTO is the pioneer of the Washlet, a high-tech electronic bidet seat that is a serious upgrade from the old-fashioned and outdated porcelain that comes to mind when considering the word “bidet.” Unlike a traditional separate seat in the bathroom a Washlet provides all of the bidet’s functions (and much more) in the form of a toilet seat without the need to add another fixture in your bathroom. We easily installed the top of the line S350e in around 15 minutes, which can be accomplished by anyone with the most modest of skills; a handyman or professional plumber can hook you up in no time. It replaces any standard toilet seat, and TOTO offers a range of models at different price points, with the S350e at the top of the line when it comes to design, technology and features.

Founded in 1917 by Kazuchika Okura, TOTO was born from his desire to provide healthier and cleaner living spaces in Japan. In 1980 TOTO was the first Japanese manufacturer to revolutionize the centuries-old bidet by integrating it with the toilet seat instead of making it a separate bathroom fixture—and the Washlet was born. Today all TOTO Washlets feature temperature controls the warm aerated water to cleanse along with adjustable pressure and pulsation for both front and rear needs. Automatic air deodorizers and warm air dryers are also standard features. Heated seats ensure a relaxed and comfortable landing when you first sit down. But hygiene is at the forefront of the thinking behind the Washlet because cleansing with water is healthier than simply using toilet tissue, and keeping the equipment sanitary is critical, too. That’s why the S350e (and S300e) use electrolyzed water—eWater+ as TOTO calls it—to keep the self-cleansing wand and toilet bowl super-clean. The eWater+ system is also better for the environment as the toilet bowl needs to be manually cleaned less often, saving water and the need to use harsh chemicals. And, of course, less paper use results in saving trees and a less irritating visit.

The S350e upgrades the Washlet experience by offering pulsating and oscillating settings for the Washlet’s warm water spray, an automatically opening and closing lid and even a night light (this in and of itself will can save endless relationships, a nice bonus). All these features are easily customized from a wireless remote, which also lets you save preferred configurations for two people.

As seen in the slideshow at the top of this page, Josh and Evan recently upgraded their old TOTO Jasmine Washlet, which they’ve relied on for sixteen years, for a state-of-the-art S350e (the “e” means that it comes equipped with eWater+ technology; the S350e is available both elongated and round front toilet bowls). Installation was quick and easy using the seat mounting bracket and hose connector, both of which are included. It’s important to note here, however, that all Washlets need access to a GFIC power outlet so consider the best way to get power to your seat. Washlets have improved dramatically over the years, doing more in a lower profile with thoughtful design that’s sleek and well integrated with your bathroom overall.

Slideshow images by Josh Rubin, all other courtesy of TOTO