Vermont’s Honeybee-Inspired Barr Hill Gin

An eco-conscious brand from Vermont's Caledonia Spirits

Once covered in vast swathes of pristine forest, New England began suffering habitat loss in the 1600s when European colonizers sowed the seeds of deforestation for both timber and agriculture. It was a massive blow to the biodiversity of the region, but not all hope is lost in the modern era. People—from their homes and businesses alike—have been embracing the fight for wildlife conservation, with …

Holiday Gift Guides 2022: Queer-Owned Brands

Products by LGBTQ+ makers, designers, artists, writers and more

Every gift we give can have a resounding impact well beyond the reaction of the receiver so it’s important to be mindful of where our money goes. Supporting the LGBTQ+ community is always necessary—every day, all year round. (And whether friend or family, be sure to check in on the LGBTQ+ people in your life, especially over the holidays.) LGBTQ+ designers, artists, authors, makers and …

Santa Teresa Rum

Santa Teresa Rum has a rich and lightly fruity flavor that gives way to an unexpectedly dry, woodsy finish. Crafted by a family-owned distillery, founded in 1796 in Venezuela’s Aragua valley, the farm-to-bottle rum is made with a blend of up to 30 old and new rum casks. The rum helps fund the distillery’s Project Alcatraz which offers psychological and vocational assistance to former gang members.