ARCHER Day Planner

The Active System Co’s ARCHER Monthly Day Planner and Journal was designed with efficiency, productivity and awareness in mind. Part calendar, journal and activity log, the ARCHER planner contains 52 pages of neatly organized sections to document appointments, emotions, weather, meals and any other notable daily activities. The nine-inch-long notebooks are slim, lightweight and sold in packs of three.

Tempo Smart Calendar

Artificial intelligence for your day-to-day life from the team behind Siri

From the programming minds that brought us Siri, Tempo is a calendar for iOS aiming to bring artificial intelligence to your daily routine. Tempo AI, a spin-off of non-profit research institute SRI International, is a small company led by CEO Raj Singh. They present their flagship app as a more focused application of Siri-style artificial intelligence, limiting the scope to your schedule to get the …

Headspace 2013

Open up your mind for the year ahead with an annual Nat Russell calendar

Just as another year of creative commitments kick into full swing, artist Nathaniel Russell delivers his annual thematic calendar for a bit of visual fodder while keeping track of time. Russell’s spirited subject for 2013 is “Headspace,” an illustrative homage to all of the cosmic notions filling up your noggin. He tells us, “I like making a theme for each year, something to think about …