2013 Calendars

Ten designs to get you through the coming year

If we defy the prophets and make it out of 2012, we’ll need to keep track of the precious time we still have left. From interlocking magnetic rings to the best of your own Instagrams, these 10 calendars will help you trace the days in year to come.

2013-Calendar-One-2.jpg 2013-Calendar-One.jpg

Designed by South Korean Jeong Yong, the tabletop One calendar breaks down months, days and days of the week on three rings. Yong’s concept is also meant to represent the correlating phases of the moon, rising and setting of the sun and the people who gave each day a name. Equipped with magnets that link up the rings, the calendar can be customized in a variety of ways to converge on today’s date.



Graphic designer, illustrator and former magazine art director Erin Jang of The Indigo Bunting applies her signature punchy color to a special-edition reprint of her popular Icons calendar. Each of the 12 prints features the month’s emblematic symbol—a heart for February, an umbrella for April, a beach ball for July—against a crisp, black background.

2013-Calendar-Recipe.jpg 2013-Calendar-Recipe2.jpg
Seasonal Recipes + Ingredients

The wall calendar by Liz Carver Design presents recipes for each month based on the freshest ingredients at the time. July’s watermelon salad, March’s homemade granola and Grandma’s cranberry dressing in December are among the seasonal dishes, their components photographed and labeled in striking calligraphy script. Each recipe is detailed in full on a separate sheet at the back of the calendar.

2013-Calendar-Saehee-Her.jpg 2012-Calendar-Dot-On.jpg
Have a Nice Year

Laid out on a minimal wall poster, Saehee Her’s 2013 calendar follows the year around the moving hands of a clock. As a nod to the relativity of time, the design reconfigures the visual perception of months and days into just minutes and seconds.

Dot On

Organize 2013 with a colorful sprinkling of dots. The Dot On wall calendar comes with stickers to mark holidays and engagements with color-coded clarity for quick reference for upcoming events and a striking record of what you’ve accomplished.


Periodic Calendar

Federico Montefaria mashes up the Periodic Table with the 2013 calendar in a brightly hued print. Each strip represents a month whose days are listed as elemental symbols, followed by their dates as atomic numbers. Nerdy, fun and clever at the same time, the piece is available in a range of sizes from the 8″x10″ mini to extra-large 35″x28″.

2013-Calendar-Poladarium.jpg 2013-Calendar-Printstagram.jpg

Best suited for your desk or kitchen counter, Poladarium is a tear-off calendar made with images from established and up-and-coming photographers. With a photo on the front and a story about the image on the back, the sheets for every day of the 9 x 11 x 8 cm calendar make for an artistic way to to mark the days.


Printstagram similarly offers a year-long calendar of customizable photos. Select your favorite images along with one of three layouts and Prinstagram will compile the shots in a 2013 calendar all your own. If you don’t have 365 images, you can add selects from your phone’s camera roll.


Cute Superheroes

Fit for kids of all ages—including those adults who refuse to grow up—this professionally printed calendar lives up to its name as a fun and adorable way to watch the months fly by. Illustrated with 12 superheroes from Batman to the Green Lantern, the cute calendar—available in two sizes—likely includes most everyone’s childhood favorite.


City Subway Maps

If you plan on spending 2013 on the go, the subway map calendars by Korean design duo Zero by Zero will keep the spirit of travel top of mind. Injecting the transit routes for Osaka, Tokyo and Seoul with vibrant color on a brown background, the pair has applied a handy planner to the maps complete with memo sticky notes.