Tempo Smart Calendar

Artificial intelligence for your day-to-day life from the team behind Siri

From the programming minds that brought us Siri, Tempo is a calendar for iOS aiming to bring artificial intelligence to your daily routine. Tempo AI, a spin-off of non-profit research institute SRI International, is a small company led by CEO Raj Singh. They present their flagship app as a more focused application of Siri-style artificial intelligence, limiting the scope to your schedule to get the most out of current technology.

Some of the applications for Tempo jump right out—posting birthday wishes to Facebook, letting members of a meeting know that you’ll be running late, providing driving directions for the meeting location. There are, however, a lot of things you might not expect a calendar to do. For instance, if you’re setting up a meeting with Paul at Starbucks, Tempo will cull from its vast store of information to infer which Paul and Starbucks you mean and import contact and address information accordingly. When you take a meeting, Tempo pulls in recent emails from the contacts involved, related documents from those conversations and—if it’s a conference call—the passwords needed to dial in. All of this operates inside the app, so there’s no need to switch between contacts, email, maps and your calendar.

Tempo works off of your own personal data mine and requests access to a considerable number of accounts as well as location and address book details. When installing the app, there is a substantial period of time taken for Tempo to “enhance” this information. Those more concerned about privacy will undoubtedly take pause with this transparency, but Tempo’s game is all about taking over to streamline your life in the cloud.

Currently, the app pulls from LinkedIn, Foursquare and Yelp with plans to add more third-party services in the near future. Because this is just the first iteration of an app dedicated to making life easier, we hope to see it grow into a full-fledged personal assistant.

Tempo Smart Calendar is free to download and available in the iTunes App Store.

Screenshots courtesy of Tempo AI