The Watercolor Pre-Roll

Devambez—the accoladed royal stationer operating in France since 1826—collaborated with artisanal dyer Audrey Louise Reynolds to create a vibrant and mesmerizing collection of pre-rolls. Each organic, unbleached hemp paper is hand-painted with abstract renditions of sunsets and landscapes using Reynolds’ foraged ingredients, leaving lasting color without any additional flavors. Bewitching and unique, these pre-rolls blend nature, art and cannabis (which does not come included).

Common Citizen’s “Principle” Centers People Over Profit

From concept to execution, this cannabis company considers community

At Common Citizen—one of the largest cannabis operators in Michigan—marijuana is more than a hobby. It’s a catalyst for community, a pathway toward healing and an opportunity for equity. With Principle, their newest one-gram pre-rolls, the purveyors put this ethos to action, donating 100% of the wholesale profits to local Michigan organizations that are hand-picked by Common Citizen’s partner Cannaclusive, an initiative dedicated to facilitating …

Kin Slips Bridges Medicinal + Recreational Cannabis Use as it Perfects Sublingual Delivery

Creating products made for pain-relief and fun, this company also donates their cannabinoid-infused strips to those who need them most

Alongside the crowd of rapidly evolving cannabis companies, Kin Slips stands in a lane of their own. The California-based brand’s cannabinoid- and terpene-infused sublingual strips dissolve under the tongue after interacting with saliva in the mouth, bypassing enzymes and acids from the digestive tract and releasing active ingredients directly into the bloodstream. This streamlined delivery method offers a fast-acting and undiluted product that Kin Slips …