Stillwater Brands’ Cannabis-Infused Instant Coffee Sticks: Clockwork Coffee

A dissolvable THC lends clarity of mind to this Colombian java

Stillwater Brands isn’t new to THC-infused products. Already, their teas have captured attention in the brand’s native state of Colorado and beyond. Now, however, they’ve unleashed another drinkable and it may come as a surprise. Produced from 100% Colombian beans, Clockwork Coffee comes in the form of instant coffee single-dose sticks, which can be prepared hot or iced. They’re quite easy to use, portable and—under the watch of Stillwater’s Chief Food Scientist Keith Woelfel—contain no fat, calories or sugar, as well as no unwelcome “grassy” flavors or unpleasant oil slicks, according to the brand.

The magic behind Clockwork Coffee happens to be Stillwater’s patent-pending Ripple. It’s produced from water-soluble cannabinoids unlike any other. This allows for a “triple absorption” system, where the cannabinoids enter the bloodstream under the tongue, in the soft tissue of the digestive tract and in the liver. Effects are delivered in as quickly as 20 minutes (and last up to four hours). The brand sought to pair caffeine and THC distillate to balance energy and clarity. There are two doses being offered:

Balanced 5, with 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD, and Pure 10, with 10 mg of THC. Coffee lovers may scoff at the thought of instant coffee, but this is truly something distinct—and the effects are quite different than a typical morning cup of Joe.

Clockwork Coffee is now available in 10-packet sets for $25, at dispensaries across Colorado.

Additional reporting by David Graver, images courtesy of Stillwater Brands