Plant People’s High-Quality, Full-Spectrum CBD Products

The NYC-based CBD start-up offers an assortment of THC-free drops and capsules

Like many states, New York has introduced medicinal marijuana for only what are deemed severe, debilitating or life-threatening conditions. But, as the state’s governor insinuated earlier in 2018, it’s not a matter of if New York legalizes recreational marijuana, it’s a matter of when. In the mean time, the number of upstart New York-based CBD—one of the most well-known cannabinoids derived from hemp and cannabis—brands is on the rise.

Plant People, launched earlier this year, blends CBD from three different, premium single-origin industrial hemp strains from Colorado. A plant is deemed hemp by the Colorado Department of Agriculture if it contains less than 0.3% THC. If it contained more, it’d have to be classified as marijuana—that’s the legal distinction between the two names. And THC, being the cannabinoid that gets you high, is the real crux of the medicinal and recreational legalization debates throughout the US.

So, no, Plant People’s products won’t get you high–or are they illegal to use or carry around. But they do promote wellness given CBD’s anti-inflammatory, calming and healing qualities. And from our testing, the full-spectrum CBD blend is among the highest quality we’ve found so far. The brand offers an array of products—two oils and two capsules.

Their capsules, named Everyday+ and Calm, are made with “a blend of single origin, sun-grown CBD and magnesium citrate” and “a beneficial blend of full-spectrum CBD and clinical strength adaptogenic herbs” respectively. Their oils, one dropper and one Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, are both made with full-spectrum CBD. The drops are a more concentrated, need basis solution; whereas, the olive oil something to incorporate into daily meal prep.

The products are thoughtful and precise–the sourcing, the dosing, the additions–because they have been forged out of personal use. Co-Founder Gabe Kennedy recovered from a traumatic back injury using CBD products after traditional pharmaceuticals left him feeling disassociated and irritable–and, in pain, still. Building out a line of CBD products around this regiment alongside Co-Founder Hudson Gaines-Ross meant that the collection must be something users can incorporate into everyday life–meaning each variation–the drops, capsules, oils–is something you can, and should, use daily.

Plant People is available in their online store and can be shipped anywhere in the US. Pricing ranges from $34 for the olive oil to $69 for the sublingual drops.

Images courtesy of Plant People

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