Interview: Imogene Strauss on The Creative Direction Behind Caroline Polachek’s “The Spiraling Tour”

The multi-disciplinary creative tells us about collaborating, career and navigating a male-dominated industry

Details can transform a great concert into an otherworldly one, a performance that translates the artist’s sonic vision into a sensorial experience. Take, for instance, Solange‘s magical “An Ode To” performance at The Guggenheim or the focused, unapologetic visuals, videos and tour of Charli XCX‘s campaign for her last album, Crash. Behind these larger-than-life shows is creative director Imogene Strauss who weaves together lighting, stage design, …


The cult-followed singer-songwriter Caroline Polachek’s second album, DESIRE, I WANT TO TURN INTO YOU, continues the artist’s synth-inflected, techno-take on pop with more wailing, sunny instrumentation and attitude. Pressed onto a metallic copper vinyl, the LP includes the tracks “Bunny Is A Rider,” “Welcome To My Island” and “Billions,” and features collaborations with Grimes and Dido.

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A track infused with otherworldly wailing, stirring choreography, a haunting collaboration and more

Caroline Polachek: Welcome To My Island Singer-songwriter and producer Caroline Polachek has announced her upcoming album, Desire, I Want To Turn Into You (set for release 14 February next year) and from it comes the catchy, ethereal track “Welcome To My Island.” Opening with a cappella, otherworldly wailing, it quickly transforms into an undulating, punchy and twinkling pop track co-produced with Dan Nigro, Danny L …