Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A Native American woman in space, Nick Cave's new textiles, tightening rules for orbital debris and more

California Becomes the First Official Sanctuary State for Trans Youth Last week, California Governor Gavin Newsom passed SB 107, a law that prohibits other states from prosecuting families seeking gender-affirming care in California. The new legislation (which was introduced by state senator Scott Wiener) makes the state the first official sanctuary for transgender youth, ensuring that no out-of-state subpoenas will interfere with a child’s right …

How Cheese Can Help Fight Climate Change

In Vermont, small artisanal cheesemakers are working to make cheese regeneratively and renewably in order to help combat climate change. For these turophiles, cheese is more than a delectable provision and could be a solution to the warming climate—one that harkens back 11,000 years. As University of Vermont’s professor of nutrition and food science Paul Kindstedt explains, that was “the beginning of an extraordinarily moist, …

Cheese Knife Set

Featuring three different knives, this set from Frederick & Mae includes an implement to smear and slice hard, semi-hard and soft cheeses with ease of use and a touch of flair. The vibrant, confetti-like handles of each celebrate color—and cheese too.