Goodnight Moon Tote Bag

Book-centric apparel and accessory brand Out of Print transformed the children’s classic Goodnight Moon into a nostalgic tote bag whose proceeds fund literacy programs and book donations for communities in need. Constructed from 100% cotton and made in the US, the tote features the 1947 first edition cover, illustrated by Clement Hurd, and an interior pocket for better organization.

Full of Life: Exploring Earth’s Biodiversity

Penned by science writer and children’s book author Isabel Thomas and illustrated by Sara Gillingham, Full of Life: Exploring Earth’s Biodiversity merges art, ecology and design to teach young ones about the scientific model known as Earth’s Tree of Life. With a stunning, accessible layout and comprehensive glossary, the book explains all that is fascinating and magical about the planet’s creatures and how each one—from microorganisms …

Mushroom Rain

Laura K Zimmermann’s magical children’s book Mushroom Rain glows with dazzling fungi illustrations by Jamie Green. The fascinating, informative work includes insight on the mysterious power of mushrooms, from helping to create rain to smelling like bubblegum. With lyrical descriptions as well as additional facts and activities in the back matter, the book is an enchanting and educational tour of ecology.