Sirkhane Darkroom’s Photography Program For Children in Syria, Turkey and Iraq

Sirkhane Darkroom is a non-profit organization that seeks to provide free photography training to children who have been impacted by war, violence or poverty in Syria, Turkey and Iraq. Founded by Syrian photographer Serbest Salih, the project includes a traveling, flexible eight-week program where students learn how to use a camera, nurture their creative expression and develop their own photos. For many of the kids …

Apple and Cheese Lacing Set

This endearing apple and cheese set helps kids ages three and older develop fine motor skills. Each piece is crafted from wood,  populated with holes and features a mouse (for the cheese) or a caterpillar (for the apple) attached to string. Weaving them through the food is a fun and simple way to foster children’s growth.

A Kids Book About Your Microbiome

From Ara Katz—co-founder of Seed, the company pioneering bacteria for human and planetary health—this children’s book is an enlightening and accessible look into the benefits of microbes. Beautifully designed in Portland, Oregon, A Kids Book About Your Microbiome will teach kids about what a microbiome is, what it does, how we can help them and why we can’t live without them.