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Sirkhane Darkroom’s Photography Program For Children in Syria, Turkey and Iraq

Sirkhane Darkroom is a non-profit organization that seeks to provide free photography training to children who have been impacted by war, violence or poverty in Syria, Turkey and Iraq. Founded by Syrian photographer Serbest Salih, the project includes a traveling, flexible eight-week program where students learn how to use a camera, nurture their creative expression and develop their own photos. For many of the kids who are dealing with tumultuous circumstances, photography serves as an outlet for navigating trauma and connecting with themselves. The program also aims to protect and prolong the sanctity of childhood, offering fun activities and welfare services when necessary. At the end of the program, the students select work that they wish to be exhibited. Thus far, the collection suffuses tender and visceral photography that reflects a sense of childlike wonder as well as profound reflections on everyday life. Learn more about the program at It’s Nice That.

Image courtesy of Bünyamin/Sirkhane Darkroom

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