Capsule Parfumerie’s High-Concept Approach to Storytelling

Perfumer and founder Linda Sivrican explains inspiration, formulation and more

Since launching Capsule Parfumerie in 2012, Linda Sivrican has created eight fragrance brands and opened her own perfume shop. From her inaugural natural Fiele Fragrances to her Litoralle Aromatica collection, each bottle tells a sensory story. Her namesake Capsule series pays homage to LA neighborhoods and features “Troupe” (for the night owls of North Hollywood, with notes of neroli and tequila blanco) and “Squad” (a …

L’Ombre des Merveilles

An Hermès fragrance for all genders, L’Ombre des Merveilles weaves together the aromas of tonka bean and black tea. Helmed by in-house perfumer Christine Nagel, the scent exudes a woodsy, almost incense-like undercurrent. Sculptor Serge Mansau designed the star-speckled magnifying bottle, which rocks gently into one’s hand.

Whisky 1969 Fragrance

Dedicated to LA and made in the city’s Los Feliz neighborhood, Thin Wild Mercury’s scents range from botanical and subdued to rich and robust, with Whisky 1969 leaning toward the latter. “An ode to the sweaty, smoky, iconic rock club on Sunset Blvd,” the fragrance boasts notes of raspberry jam, cardamom, and ylang ylang—with a resinous, smoky tinge that remains on the skin. Whisky 1969 …