The White Line Fragrance Collection by Odin New York

The NYC-based menswear brand explores its feminine side with a line of deconstructed floral scents for all genders


Though Odin New York is often touted as a men’s lifestyle boutique, the brand is inching toward the androgynous. This is especially apparent in the cult following of its fragrances, which have developed a unisex fan base despite most often landing on the pages of magazines such as Details and Nylon Men. Now Odin has taken deliberate measures to explore its feminine side by introducing The White Line, a collection of three deconstructed floral fragrances—Milieu Rosa, Efflora and Vert Reseda—that contrast the more masculine attitude of its current Black Line scents. Far from being a women’s perfume, The White Line promises a minimalist study of the flower from scent to stem meant to be worn by any gender.


To translate The White Line’s clean composition onto its packaging, Odin tapped paper engineer Matt Shlian, whose paper relief sculptures reflect the surprising complexity behind each fragrance. Shlian is recognized for his monochromatic use of white, making the engineer a perfect collaborator for the collection. Using the signature layering technique he developed through his own obsessive curiosity with making artwork using only paper, Shlian creates a nearly unbelievable depth and texture in each of his designs. Reminiscent of sprawling fields of grain or crops as seen from the window of an airplane, Shlian’s designs successfully encapsulate the deconstructed nature of The White Line, making the packaging as attractive as the fragrance it houses.

The White Line fragrance collection will be available this month at Odin New York and Barneys locations for $210.

Images courtesy of Odin New York