Scott Thrift’s Today Clock

A 24-hour timepiece simplifying each day into dawn, noon, dusk, and midnight

Designer Scott Thrift has been reimagining the way we convey and perceive time for years now. In 2012, he released ThePresent: a wall clock with a colorwheel face that represents all 365 days of the year. ThePresent’s dial reflects the changing seasons and its message was clear: be patient, we are still moving forward. It won many fans (we use it at CH HQ) but …

Translating Sound To Color: Tim Bavington

Music translated into grandiose paintings by a British artist in the American desert

Drawing inspiration from the neon mania of surrounding Las Vegas, NV, artist Tim Bavington does’t shy away from bold colors. Combining his artistic prowess with his love of music, Bavington invented a color-coded chord wheel that lets him translate songs into paintings. With each line representing a different note or chord, he brings music to life on canvas.

Gone Camping Pop-Up Restaurant, London

The Art of Dining's newest temporary eatery offers all the fun of meals enjoyed in the wild, without actually trekking the great outdoors

There are few times that food tastes as good as it does when eaten outdoors by a campfire—even the most charred hotdog somehow becomes delicious when enjoyed in the wild. With summer still far too many months away, Londoners can at least recapture some of that same magic at The Art of Dining’s latest pop-up restaurant: Gone Camping. The Art of Dining is run by …