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Scott Thrift’s Today Clock

A 24-hour timepiece simplifying each day into dawn, noon, dusk, and midnight

Designer Scott Thrift has been reimagining the way we convey and perceive time for years now. In 2012, he released ThePresent: a wall clock with a colorwheel face that represents all 365 days of the year. ThePresent’s dial reflects the changing seasons and its message was clear: be patient, we are still moving forward. It won many fans (we use it at CH HQ) but Thrift hasn’t stopped there. His latest invention, the Today Clock, employs a similar mentality and design sensibility. This 24-hour timepiece divides a day by the amount of brightness associated with certain hours, all of which is conveyed by varying degrees of the color blue on a carefully considered spectral gradient. Noon, midnight, 6AM and 6PM are all self-evident. Everything between can be interpreted simply as day or night. This is an intuitive clock that focuses on the day as a whole—minimizing the anxiety associated with the tick tock of seconds and minutes. While it might not get people to meetings on time, most people rely on phones for that. This is an item that shows the passing of time can be beautiful, rather than oppressive or distressing.

The Today Clock will exist in three iterations: a five-inch desk clock for $88 an 11-inch wall clock with bamboo for $118, and an 11-inch steel and glass wall clock for $158. All three are funding on Kickstarter now. If fully backed, delivery is expected in December 2017.

Images courtesy of Scott Thrift


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