Instant, Fresh Tortillas at Home with Flatev

Offering the first ball of dough in a convenient pod, this machine hopes to be the Nespresso of flatbreads

For most, tortillas are often bought in bulk from the supermarket in cold, stale shape. A warm, freshly made tortilla is hard to find—a simple fact that led Mexican-born Carlos Ruiz to create the Flatev (short for “flatbread evolution”), a new instant tortilla-maker. While the idea seems simple, it took Ruiz’s moving to Zurich for him to understand the full scale of the worldwide tortilla …

Bottle Opener Case

Allow nothing to stand between you and your next drink with Bottlocase, a handy iPhone case designed to safely pop open bottled beverages. The clever two-in-one design is now selling in a variety of World Cup-inspired graphics or plain black, or for the serious fan, a custom design.


Solve a common travel problem with these stick-anywhere toiletry containers

Most hotels and gyms offer complimentary toiletries, but those who like to bring along their own favorites have probably noticed the hospitality often stops at precious shelf space. Enter the GoToob. Designed by San Francisco firm Humangear, the squeezable tubes have built-in suction cups on the back that cling to most glossy surfaces. They’re a useful update to Pkoh NYC‘s Silicone Travel Bottle that we …