DreamFit Dream Bedding

by Tisha Leung


Designed to keep bedding in place, DreamFit's latest additions to their line of bedding textiles stand out not only for their ingenious construction but now also for their eco-friendly factor. Until now the U.S.-based textile manufacturer has primarily produced goods for other high-end brand names but their recent expansion establishes their own sustainable bedding brand.

For those who procrastinate in making their beds, DreamFit's speedy solution cleverly quilts together a typical flat sheet with a blanket that's perfect for sleeping on the opposite side. The cheeky reversible pillowcase shams offer one super soft side for sleeping, but with a quick flip to the decorative side, the bed is good to go. The sheet is comprised of Tencel—fiber made from Eucalyptus trees now branded Tencel—making it soft as silk, strong as polyester, cool as linen, warm as wool and absorbent as cotton. In addition to taking less land and water for cultivation, the sheets naturally ward off bacterial growth, decreasing pilling and fiber breakage.

The DreamFit collection also includes a set of 1020 thread-count sheets—almost double the norm for luxuriously soft sheets. Woven mostly from Pima cotton grown in the States, the sheets have a nice weighty feel, trimmed with four pleats, Euro tucks and hemstitches.

The sheets range in price from $300-720, and can be purchased online from Mad Aspen Home.