Interview: Norwegian Designer Runa Klock

A deeper look at her engaging pieces and the social aspects behind them, ahead of a WantedDesign group exhibition

The Daub Creative Workbook

An artist-driven project for kids who are stuck in bed or the hospital

When David Bennett’s son had to stay at the King’s College Hospital in London back in 2013, the British branding agency director began thinking about how he and others in the creative industry could help children admitted to hospital wards, and how to thank the staff who’d helped him and his family. The idea of a “Creative Workbook” was born: something to occupy kids’ minds …

Emotions That Fuel Creativity

Creative moments are often hit or miss; they’ll happen when you least expect them or disappear when you need them most. But according to Harvard Business Review, there are ways to set yourself up to take full advantage of your creative capacity. By living life passionately and experiencing an array of deep emotions, you’ll be able to come up with more ideas for your next …