Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Reasons to watch the stars in 2017, how to unleash your creativity, new electric cars, historic science illustrations and more

1. Tricks To Help You Keep Your Resolutions According to Statistic Brain, just eight percent of Americans will succeed in keeping their New Year’s resolutions. Considering most of them focus on self-improvement, many are worthwhile attempts at betterment that should be kept for as long as possible. From reminding yourself why your resolution is important to holding yourself accountable by checking in with somebody about …

Switch Off to Switch On Creativity

In his book, “Too Fast To Think,” Chris Lewis (CEO of global agency Lewis) explores the ways in which modern life—aka mostly distracting technology—is causing our creativity to be stifled. In an interview with It’s Nice That, he explains that many ideas appear from the subconscious, and the subconscious is often drowned out in this day and age. Essentially, switching off in one way means …

Interview: Norwegian Designer Runa Klock

A deeper look at her engaging pieces and the social aspects behind them, ahead of a WantedDesign group exhibition