From The Series (founded and designed by Ella Wiznia), these scarves are one of a kind, handmade and embody the brand’s “granny” style. Crafted from vintage crochet blankets, acrylic blend yarn and 100% recycled thread, each piece is colorful and delightfully off-kilter. Because they are made individually and from existing fabrics, all the scarves are unique and measure between 64 and 84 inches long.

Crochet Knit Squeaky Toy

Handmade in Annapolis, Maryland by Collette Bream, this dog toy is crocheted with 100% merino wool, using extra strands to increase durability. Shaped like a hot dog, cactus or sausage link, the endearing toy features hypoallergenic stuffing and a squeaker inside.

TOLA Sweater

Hand-knitted with an alpaca and merino blended yarn that’s contrasted with lilac mohair, the fluffy TOLA sweater from London-based Peju Obasa is as warm and cozy as it is elegant. Thoughtful touches—like ties on each of the sleeves and a bateau neckline—lend this one-size, made-to-order sweater a richness in texture and shape. Price is in Pounds.