Harridan Vodka’s Spellbinding Midsummer Reserve Spirit and Ritual Box

A limited edition collaboration between the New York State craft brand and modern mystic The Hoodwitch

It’s no surprise to anyone who’s walked into a liquor store recently that the collectible whiskey and super-premium tequila categories are congested. Worthy options are positioned on platforms of heritage, innovation and sometimes both. Vodka, however, continues to be dominated by the same five or six brands. Amidst those fixtures, every so often, certain craft vodkas can stand out for flavor, design or storytelling. Harridan Vodka, …

Scientists Link Two Time Crystals Together for the First Time

Officially confirmed to exist in 2016, time crystals are quantum systems of particles that evade the laws of physics that govern states of matter. For example, rather than embody the fixed, three-dimensional grid structure found in regular crystals, these participles exist in a state of fluctuation (but without the loss of energy). For the first time ever, two time crystals have been linked into one evolving …

Travel Kit

Comprising crystals, a wearable evil eye and smokeless smudge, this travel kit from Sage & Salt contains items designed to transform every final destination into a welcome one. Each component—from the smoke-free spritz to the black salt—aims to support the clearing of bad energy and anxiety while helping to maintain alertness, ultimately keeping travelers feeling grounded and secure.