The Mark Hotel’s Façade Glitters with Two Tons of Hand-Applied Swarovski Crystal

Amidst all the festivities aswirl throughout New York City this holiday season, nothing glitters quite like the façade of The Mark Hotel, the beloved Upper East Side destination that’s now encrusted in two tons of Swarovski Crystal. Altogether, millions of hand-applied crystals craft a stunning gingerbread house edifice that wraps the hotel’s Assouline boutique, guest entrance and all the way around The Mark Bar, further …

Limited Edition “UNBORN OBJECT_015” Print

Founded by designer and art director Alex Proba, NYC-based Studio Proba is a multi-pronged set-up. The online store offers blankets, throw pillows, face masks and prints—one being this majestic design from their Unborn Object category. Available in three different sizes, “UNBORN OBJECT_015” has been printed on 330gsm paper using archivable ink.

Harridan Vodka’s Spellbinding Midsummer Reserve Spirit and Ritual Box

A limited edition collaboration between the New York State craft brand and modern mystic The Hoodwitch

It’s no surprise to anyone who’s walked into a liquor store recently that the collectible whiskey and super-premium tequila categories are congested. Worthy options are positioned on platforms of heritage, innovation and sometimes both. Vodka, however, continues to be dominated by the same five or six brands. Amidst those fixtures, every so often, certain craft vodkas can stand out for flavor, design or storytelling. Harridan Vodka, …