The Mark Hotel’s Façade Glitters with Two Tons of Hand-Applied Swarovski Crystal

Amidst all the festivities aswirl throughout New York City this holiday season, nothing glitters quite like the façade of The Mark Hotel, the beloved Upper East Side destination that’s now encrusted in two tons of Swarovski Crystal. Altogether, millions of hand-applied crystals craft a stunning gingerbread house edifice that wraps the hotel’s Assouline boutique, guest entrance and all the way around The Mark Bar, further embellished with larger-than-life nutcrackers, ribbons and candy canes. The spectacular display—visible to all who pass by—will be be up until 7 January 2023. Read more about it, as well as the two matching holiday carts and their flavorful offerings (including hot chocolate with house-made marshmallows, as well as The Mark x Swarovski Lollipops), at The Mark’s website.

Image by Thomas Loof, courtesy of The Mark Hotel