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Scientists Link Two Time Crystals Together for the First Time

Officially confirmed to exist in 2016, time crystals are quantum systems of particles that evade the laws of physics that govern states of matter. For example, rather than embody the fixed, three-dimensional grid structure found in regular crystals, these participles exist in a state of fluctuation (but without the loss of energy). For the first time ever, two time crystals have been linked into one evolving particle system—an advancement that could be incredibly useful to quantum computing and quantum information processing. When allowing two time crystals to touch, physicists discovered that the pair exchanged magnons (quasiparticles from the spin of electrons), creating a single system with the potential to function in two states. Learn more about this groundbreaking research and the complex ideas behind it at Science Alert.

Image courtesy of Alexandr Gnezdilov Light Painting/Moment/Getty Images

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