Havana Blues

Pastel facades, vintage cars, Art Deco buildings and architectural travels, as well as a unique blend of African, French, Spanish and North American influences converse in Havana, Cuba—and, thus, in Pamela Ruiz’s photobook that honors the vibrant city. With over 200 exquisite images, Ruiz captures Cuba’s rich culture, self-determination and progress.

Word of Mouth: Little Havana, Miami

A dynamic hub of Latin culture, cuisine and tradition

Little Havana is arguably one of Miami’s most dynamic neighborhoods, yet finds itself often overlooked by out-of-town visitors who tend to default to the beach-centric revelry of South Beach. A longtime enclave for Spanish-speaking transplants from the Caribbean (namely Cuba), as well as other Central and South American countries, Little Havana flourishes as an unapologetically authentic hub of Latin culture, cuisine and tradition. Designated a …

Made in Cuba

Spotlighting 30 artists, entrepreneurs and creatives, Made in Cuba conveys the unique spirit of the nation. The individuals profiled within have all faced their homeland’s limited ability to trade internationally, culminating in some very creative and innovative thinking and a strong DIY culture—the results from which are complex and clever. Written by Molly Mandell and photographed by James Burke, Made in Cuba proves educational and …