Damian Aquiles’ Bar Trays Made From Salvaged Items

10 unique objects created by the Cuban artist for the Facundo Rum Collection

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Not only his first show in NYC since 2004, Cuban artist Damian Aquiles‘ current exhibition “Alquimista” is also an exclusive collaboration with the Facundo Rum Collection. Teaming up with the luxury rum brand (from the Bacardi family’s private reserves), Aquiles has created 10 one-of-a-kind bar trays—each one a work of art on its own, yet also a fully functional object. Made from salvaged Cuban-sourced paint cans and scrap metal, the trays have been splashed with gasoline, lit on fire, and painted in bright colors that are inspired by 1950s Cuba.

No two trays are the same, even from the beginning, as Aquiles took time to meticulously choose the materials used. Then, of course, the artist added even more unique touches to each one.

The “Alquimista” exhibition is on view now at The Highline Loft (508 West 26th Street, NYC) through Saturday 7 April.

Images courtesy of the Facundo Rum Collection