Tie-Dye Ultimate Set

Packed with everything needed to tie-dye your preferred garment, FAO Schwarz’s ultimate set comes with 18 colored dyes, six pairs of protective gloves, a plastic tablecloth, rubber bands, and a bag to store it all in. Whether you’re a first-timer looking to experiment or a seasoned veteran working to perfect a specific pattern, opportunity for creativity abounds with this kit.

Pentimento’s Shirting From Scraps of Fabric

Atlanta designer Timothy Haught scavenges yard and sample sales for inspiration and resources

In the fashion industry, touting sustainability is commonplace now. But, many brands still lag behind—using virgin fabrics, harmful dying processes and wasting unsold items. For Atlanta-based designer Timothy Haught, the craftsman behind the brand Pentimento, using “pre-existing objects—either deadstock fabric, textiles like blankets, curtains, quilts or stuff that has already been clothing,” is his preferred resource. Not only do the rare fabrics and pre-existing garments …

Stòffa’s Stylish SoHo Outpost

The newly opened space acts as the headquarters for the brand's efforts

Oftentimes custom-fitted clothing can be costly and exclusive. But for Stòffa, an independent made-to-measure brand that launched in 2014, the process of buying clothes that are crafted just for you shouldn’t be limited to three-piece-suits or hats and priced outrageously. As Stòffa’s Nick Ragosta explains, “We believe that made-to-measure is an important vehicle for making ‘buy less but better’ a real option.” “First and foremost, …