Cool Hunting Video: The Sock Hop

With over 100 years of experience, the Nasserbakht family has long outfitted New Yorkers in custom shirts

In the back of The Sock Hop, a small boutique on Elizabeth Street in the SoHo, NYC, the Nasserbakhts are busy sewing custom shirts for an ever-growing number of customers. The Nasserbakht family has been making shirts for over 100 years and the current generation encouraged their father to come out of retirement to make perfectly fitting garments for an increasingly discerning population—and to teach his sons the family trade. While they do sell socks, the real business is in the back. While visiting we spoke with Vince Nasserbakht, who told us about the art of tailoring that has been passed down through generations and why custom-made attire is important in an age of mass production.